How to Choose a Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project


Choosing a contractor for your home improvement project is no easy task. You want to hire a contractor that you can trust to complete quality work on time, and on budget. That’s why it’s important to take the time to choose the right contractor, avoiding the temptation to go with the first one available or the one with the lowest quote. You are investing a good amount of money in your project and will be working closely with your contractor for several days to potentially a number of weeks, so it’s important to make a decision you will be comfortable with long-term.

With many contractors to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. We can help! Follow these best practices to confidently select a contractor for your next home improvement project.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a contractor but the most important is making sure that they have the skill level to complete your home renovation to your satisfaction. You may have a clear vision of your remodel, but if the contractor doesn’t have the skills to deliver, you’ll be the one left disappointed. For example, if you are completing a full kitchen remodel, you may want to avoid choosing a contractor who only specializes in tiling, or someone who has no experience with full-scale projects.

You can get a sense of what type of renovations the contractor has worked on in the past by viewing their portfolio of completed projects, whether it’s photos in their office or studio space, an online web gallery, or even their social media page. Of course, if your project is simple in scope, like replacing your front door, for instance, you may be able to consider more competitive rates. It all depends on how large or complex your project is, and how much you’re willing to settle on when it comes to the final result.


After you have seen the quality of work that’s typical of the contractor, it is a good idea to search for reviews. There are many websites that offer forums for homeowners to post their experiences. Be on the lookout for any red flags in the reviews, such as dissatisfaction with how a dispute was handled or poor communication. The contractor may offer references or share reviews themselves but keep in mind these are likely hand-picked to offer only positive insights.

If you are able to find multiple reviews, with the majority of them being positive, you can probably rest assured that you will also have a positive experience. Keep in mind that only works with well-reviewed contractors in your area.

Licensed and Insured

Any contractor you bring into your home should be fully licensed and insured in order to protect you from being liable for any injuries that occur during the remodel, or against any damage done to your home.

Before signing any contracts, ask to see a copy of the contractor’s liability insurance. You can also ask for their license number to verify they are licensed. verifies all this information for you, so you don’t have to if you decide to go with someone from our network of recommended contractors.

Cost and Contract

The cost of a home renovation is usually the primary concern for a homeowner. Whenever you receive a quote, check to see that the description of the scope of work is detailed. This eliminates any confusion as to exactly what work the contractor is agreeing to complete.

Having a detailed scope of work also makes it easier to compare multiple quotes. Home renovation costs can vary greatly between contractors, so it is a good idea to always get at least three quotes for a project. If one quote is significantly higher or lower than the rest, review the scope of work to see if you can identify a reason.

It is also important to review the contract to see what the payment schedule will be. It is not common practice to pay in full upfront. Conversely, it is also not common to delay full payment until a project is completed. A contractor may ask for material costs or a deposit to be paid upfront with additional payments at identified milestones in the project. Additionally, ask the contractor if they offer any type of warranty on the work. It is common for contractors to guarantee their work for a certain period. This can give you added peace of mind that you can go back to the contractor if anything goes wrong.

Also, remember that you always have the option financing to improve affordability and stretch your budget further. When you finance your project, what you’re essentially doing is replacing large upfront costs with more manageable monthly installments, which allows you to get the upgrades you really want without having to sacrifice on your budget.

How Helps You Choose a Contractor with Confidence

Experience, cost, positive reviews, and licensed and insured are all key factors to consider when choosing a contractor for your home renovation project. Taking the time to compare contracts and quotes from multiple contractors will also ensure that you’re hiring the best professional for the job at a fair cost. takes the stress out of finding a contractor by simplifying the process for you. Once we have the details of your project, we’ll connect you with a network of recommended contractors in your area, who are all experienced, licensed, and well-reviewed. You can rest assured that we work with only the most trusted contractors. In other words, we do the work of finding you the best contractors, so you don’t have to.

Visit today to start planning your home renovation project, get your free, no-obligation estimate, and most importantly, find your perfect contractor!

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